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Your dog generates 70% of his power from the hind legs.

The Horgan Harness is the FIRST and ONLY back leg dog harness

The Horgan Dog Harness

creates a harmless sensation around the back legs designed to divert your dog's attention from the desire to pull - without choking or inflicting pain on your dog. You will have complete control, no matter how big, how powerful, or how little your dog listens.


Why The Horgan Harness?

 Easy to use
 Gentle on your dog

 Takes the attention away from pulling
 Great for training
 You and your companion can enjoy the walk together


Meet Dr. Jason E. Horgan

"The Design of the Horgan Harness is based on anatomical and physiological characteristics of the dog. My upmost concern during development was the safety and effectiveness of the Horgan Harness. Try it yourself and you will see the results."

Doctor Jason Horgan Image

- Dr. Jason E. Horgan: completed a residency in small animal surgery, now board certified orthopedic surgeon by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, and the inventor of the Horgan Harness.


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